Where is Surrey Square Park?

London SE17 – View on Google Maps


Friends of Surrey Square Park is a group of local people working to maintain and improve Surrey Square Park.

We do everything from filling in grants application  for funding of project we think will improve the usability and value of the park to getting our hands dirty, planting bushes or picking up litter.

We come from a variety of backgrounds but we all love our park and want to see it improve and flourish.

Together with its predecessor organisation (SSPACE in conjunction with the charity Groundwork Southwark) community groups have been active and instrumental in the formation of our park since the early 2000’s.
Most of he features  a visitor would now associate with our green oasis has been in fact, the result of the efforts of local residents that spent untold amount of time and effort in bringing these improvement to the larger community.

Through their efforts the place has been transformed from a dumping ground for stolen and then burned cars, where gangs from some of the worse estates in England regularly shot at each other, into the peaceful, verdant, family and community oriented green lang that it is today.

We would like to create a page with the history of our little park, so please if you have any photos, press cutting or just memories, kindly send them to us and we’ll make sure to acknowledge the source.