Getting involved

We always have jobs that need doing in the park, whether you want to get your hands dirty and do some digging or help us create our long-term plans for the future. If you want to get involved, no matter how much or how little time you can spare, you can do something:

Come along to our meetings and make your voice heard! Upcoming meetings are listed at our main page.

Get involved in one of our community improvement days, including litter-picking or hedge planting. These are also advertised on the main page.

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10 Responses to Getting involved

  1. ad says:

    Well done

  2. Jenny Morgan says:

    We are neighbours. I’m active in the Burgess Park Food Group. We are creating a new community garden on Glengall Rd.We may be able to collaborate on some projects.

  3. Hi – I run Herne Hill Youth cycling club and promote cycling across London.
    I also run the after school BIke club at Surrey Square Juniors.
    I am applying for funding to do some short cycle sessions across the borough.
    Aimed at women and children the idea is to get get more people accessing what is available for them in the borough. (Free bike lessons TFL bikes in Rodney Road etc)
    One arm (if we get funding) is to bring bikes and tools over to green spaces after school and provide a fun and games cycle session and basic bike repairs.
    Would this kind of activity appeal and / or be suited to FoSSP?

    It would be just a one off session. Can be run on a Saturday or after school and be a part of any event you may be running or stand alone. I run the bike club on Thursdays so we could a couple of sessions as an extensions of that.

  4. E.H.Stubbes says:

    Does anyone know who cut down and felled the large elder tree in the Nature Reserve. It was a few feet in from the pavement on Albridge Street, and overhung the children’s play area opposite Leysdowne.

  5. sergius248 says:

    It was felled in September 2009 by the Council (one of the three different departments “looking after” the trees in the borough). You can find the sad saga here:–life-area

  6. E.H.Stubbes says:

    From E.H.Stubbes

    I recently complained about the Parks Service quite unnecessarily felling the mature elder situate in the grassy area inbetween Amery And Littlebourne houses.

    My complaint was given the usual farcical treatment from Southwark ‘Complaints Resolution Team’. I took it through all three Stages, then further to the Ombudsman. Again a whitewash and pretty much rubber- stamping of the council’s decision.

    However, during the course of these ‘investigations’, I managed to ascertain that the council felled the elder in contravention of its own regulations. (These regulations are not all that easy to ascertain; are they kept under lock and key? The council is supposed to consult prior to felling, to place a ‘felling notice’ on a tree before cutting it down, and also not to cut it down unless pruning is not a viable option. Moreover, they are supposed to fell only diseased trees, not healthy ones. Whistle to the wind.

    So much for Southwark Council’s compliance with its own regulations.

    The TRA was quite useless, the Chair being ‘consulted’ (by telephone) by the council. He then readily agreed to the felling; didn’t bother to hold a meeting with his members- if there are any.

    In the end I managed to get the council to plant a replacement elder. They did; many moons and many attempts after they due planting date. They also planted it in an undesirable position, having previously undertaken to consult me on its location and having failed to do so.

    I tried to get them to transplant the replacement elder.. No go. I offered to transplant it ‘free of charge’ myself. No reply. It is the smallest elder I have ever seen (about 27” tall). I wonder whether they specially selected it from the a nursery specialising in miniature elders.

    The history of the council’s behaviour in this grassy area is shocking. They previously completelly destroyed the Upnor Way Wildlife Garden- many wild trees, hundreds of poppies, log fencing, herb garden, sink pond and more; all of a sudden and without consultation with anyone. They proffered the excuse that they had had ‘complaints’. I understand that one and the main complainant was attempting to get the grassy area turned into yet a further car parking space. They wasted much needed funds on planting comparatively, humdrum even ugly trees, having destroyed what by now would have been a beautiful and considerable amenity.

  7. E.H.Stubbes says:

    I inspected the felled elder stump in the Albridge St. site a few days ago. The stump has regenerated. There are several new trunks springing out of the stump and these will, no doubt, in due course replicate the original bush/tree- or even exceed it in height and breadth.

    I suggest that if it is illicitly cut down again complaints should IMMEDIATELY be made to the (useless) council’s Complaints Unit (Stage 1) so that, at least, the contractor will be fined- as they are supposed to be for breach of council regulations about unauthorised entry and felling . The council has ABSOLUTELY DENIED that they, or Gristwood Toms, felled the Aldlbridge St.tree. I have even received a letter from the Managing Director of Gristwood Toms denying that his firm did it.

    Upon taking up the matter again (and sending them the colour photos of the felling etc.) the Complaints Unit say that complaints must be made within 12 months of the incident, according to their regulations (I can’t find these regulations on public view).

  8. Hello FOSSP, we are planning a meeting in June on Southwark green spaces and trees and I was wondering if I could send information to someone there, hopefully you’d be able to come?

    If you could email me at
    I can you information?

    Best wishes,

    Blanche Cameron
    Save Southwark Woods

  9. sergius248 says:

    You are welcome.
    I believe that some of our members are already been in touch.

  10. Katrina McGrath says:

    Hello from Katrina who was a Surrey Square project officer for Surrey Square Steering Group and Groundwork Southwark back in 2003. I loved seeing the pictures of all you’ve done since then! Brilliant.
    I would really like to remember the name of someone from the Steering Group back then, so I can put a friend who is writing about knitting for a book for Sirdar in touch. ?Francis. He was an artist and knitter and lived in Kinglake. Was the partner of the Chair who worked at Prospect. Please can you help?

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