Past projects

Past projects (inception to 2007)  we have been involved with include:

Under the previous incarnation of SSPACE  with Groundwork Southwark the effective creation of the park including :

  • The creation of the play area
  • The Peter Martin Memorial Garden Develoipment
  • The creation and refurbishment of the basketball playground
  • The murale on the off-licence
  • The demolition of the perimetral walls and the construction of the wooden fences

2008 Springwatch refurbishment of the Surrey Square Nature Garden (aka WildLife Area)

2010 – 2011 Community Space Fund bid:

  • Creation of new paths throughout the park and opening up of entrances
  • Purchase of new play equipment for children’s play area
  • Creation of a Wildflower lawn et
  • Some of the original designs and proposals are in annexed pdf

2013-14 WLA Works for the Cleaner, Greener, Safer Award

  • Redevelopment of the Surrey Square Nature Garden (aka WildLife Area)
  • Landscaping of the front path and peripheral fence
  • Establishment of a rain garden

2014 Green Flag Award (maintained ever since)

2015 onward part of the Surrey Square Park Plan Maintenance