We won a Borough, Bankside and Walworth area Neighbourhoods Fund 2018/19 Award

This year we were lucky enough to win a Borough, Bankside and Walworth area Neighbourhoods Fund 2018/19 Award for organising a Bat Night and monitoring event.
We tried it for some time and eventually our persistence won the day!
The grant we’ll allow us to publicise the importance of bats in the ecological setting of our park and to fund a monitoring project. We’ll have a special night. where under guidance of an expert, residents and interested parties will be able to observe (in this case hear…more probably) the presence of these important, but otherwise elusive wildlife creatures.
The event is a public, educational, data collecting and awareness forming initiative.
In the photo Pauline Bonner the Community Council Officer for the Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council (Communities Division| Housing & Modernisation Department) give the cheque to a representative of the Friends of Surrey Square Park.
A particular thanks to Nile that helped to navigate the complex bureaucracy needed to access the grant.



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5th of May Spring Celebration

We held our Spring Event in conjunction with the Kinglake Tenants and Residents Association (that generously paid to finance the entire event) this Sunday the 5th of May.
It was well attended, the face painting and bouncy castle, where a hit with the kids, as usual and lots of people were out in the hot, sunny weather we were blessed to enjoy for the day.
All our target tasks were completed and we manage to have a great time both during and after when we went for a celebratory well earned coffee.
A great thanks to all that have contributed and made the occasion a success.


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2018 FoSSP AGM

The Friends of Surrey Square Park Annual General Meeting

We held our AGM on  Saturday the 28th of April 2018 in Pembroke House / St Christopher’s Church.
The meeting was well attended, jovial and lots of idea and suggestion for the development of our organisation and the improvement of Surrey Square Park were aired and discussed.
The minutes of the meeting are available publicly here (google docs format) and a big thanks to all that have participated and helped with its successful organisation.


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Sunday the 15th of April 2018 (Mini)-Day-of-Action

Sunday the 15th of April Mini-Day-0f-Action

Excellent day for the Friends of Surrey Square Park.

The day was not as sunny as we hoped but it was enliven by the good will and bonhomie of all that have taken part.

All the target for the day have been reached and a great afternoon out for all concerned.

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Activities for the Autumn 2017

We held a mini day of action to remove the Wild Hedge Growth from the ballcourt on Sunday the 8th of October the relevant webpage can be seen here.

It was a good day and all the friends involved spread enthusiasm and  a little happiness all through our little park. A special thanks to Sara from the vicarage, for all the help and the teas



On the 1st of October we had a Mini-Meeting at our local friendly local the “Amigos Mediterranean Restaurant“.

Small groups like ours find difficult to find meeting places and having a local willing to put up with us is very much appreciated.

It was an happy meeting and we took a number of decisions for the forthcoming season. Please stay tuned!!

20171001 FoSSP Mini Meeting at Amigo

Also all true the year we have been working every Sunday (with few exceptions) in the WildLife Area of our park, maintaining and cleaning the place.
If you want to join get in touch with serge on 07765476750 (TXT or WhatsApp) to confirm we are there on the day.

The list of our activities (albeit not all documented as webpages can be found in our sister site “MySurrey Square Park” site irregularly maintained by Serge.

Also in future we hope to add a FaceBook page for better ease of access. Stay Tuned!!!



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2017 AGM

The FoSSP AGM was held on the 18 of February 2017 and the relevant web page can be found  here.


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October 2016 Day of Action

Saturday the 22nd of October 2016 we managed to have out autumnal Day of Action.
We removed cutting from the wildflower meadow and did some maintenance on the Wildlife Area.
All in all it was a good day we enjoyed the sunshine and the tea and biscuits (Thanks Elizabeth!!)
More details can be found on Serge’s site.

Well done everybody.

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