2017 AGM


18 February 2017

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Annual General Meeting

Pembroke House / St Christopher’s Church,

80 Tatum Street, London SE17 1QR

(2 minutes walk from Surrey Square Park)

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October 2016 Day of Action

Saturday the 22nd of October 2016 we managed to have out autumnal Day of Action.
We removed cutting from the wildflower meadow and did some maintenance on the Wildlife Area.
All in all it was a good day we enjoyed the sunshine and the tea and biscuits (Thanks Elizabeth!!)
More details can be found on Serge’s site.

Well done everybody.

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Fete for the inauguration of Playground next to the Park


The 4th of July FoSSP together with the Kinglake Tenants & Residents Association have held a Fete marking the inauguration of a refurbished playground next to the WildLife Area of the Surrey Square Park.

The event was attended by Councillor Martin Seaton and representants from the Council and Resident Involvement for the Aylesbury Estate Regeneration.
As expected many local residents and children attended the event, that was well liked and everybody seemed to have a good time.

FoSSP had prepared the previous day the grounds and provided plants for a planting session, where the children and their parent could participate and learn something of the work the friends of surrey square park are involved with.

FoSSP had also a new Gazebo we will hope will be using often during the year.

More Illustration of the event are available (courtesy of Daniel) here.

Thanks to all that have made the event possible.

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Sunday 3rd of July 2016 Day of Action

Sunday 3rd of July 2016

We will have an Activity Day

from 1300 to 1600 (approximatively…)

 Singing Bird

Wildlife Area (where we meet up) and Surrey Square Park

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2016 Annual General Meeting

A thanks to all the participants and Council Officers that took part on the  30 of January the Friends of Surrey Square Park AGM.
As usual for our style of business it was a friendly meeting, all were welcome and we did some useful work.

The minutes will be posted on our pages soon.

20160130_FoSSP_AGM_1    20160130_FoSSP_AGM_

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Action Day Sunday 7 November 2015: clean-up, maintain, trim and more at 1.00 pm

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Our Park has its own Green Flag

Our little Park has its own Green Flag at last.
It flutters  at the Kinglake entrance and has been a source of Civic Prowess to all the residents.
Even people that normally do not associate or engage with the community have shown, in this case, some sense of satisfaction that things can improve and get better for everyone.

Daniel has made a beautiful video of the ceremony and we all are thrilled that the moment can be share with everybody:

 The Local newspaper “The Southwark News” has dedicated an article to the event:

20140918 Southwark News Green Flag on SSP

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