Our Park has its own Green Flag

Our little Park has its own Green Flag at last.
It flutters  at the Kinglake entrance and has been a source of Civic Prowess to all the residents.
Even people that normally do not associate or engage with the community have shown, in this case, some sense of satisfaction that things can improve and get better for everyone.

Daniel has made a beautiful video of the ceremony and we all are thrilled that the moment can be share with everybody:

 The Local newspaper “The Southwark News” has dedicated an article to the event:

20140918 Southwark News Green Flag on SSP

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Dear Friends,

We would like to extend our thanks for all your time, hard work and efforts to improve our green space, as…
Surrey Square Park is named as one of the best in Britain and receives a Green Flag Award!
Surrey Square Park is one of the very best in the UK – and that’s official! The park is among a record-breaking 1,476 parks and green spaces that will today receive a prestigious Green Flag Award.
The award, handed out by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, recognises and rewards the best parks and green spaces across the country. A Green Flag flying overhead is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities.
Friends of Surrey Square Park have been working closely with Southwark Council over the last four years to improve the park. Please visit our website for more information at: www.fossp.wordpress.com
Friends of Surrey Square Park Chair Julian Weston said:
“We are absolutely delighted to receive a Green Flag Award for first time from Keep Britain Tidy. This Award recognises and highlights that people living on the Kinglake Estate and surrounding streets are benefitting from a green space of the very highest quality.”
Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said:
“We are delighted to announce yet another record-breaking year for Green Flag Award parks and green spaces. A Green Flag Award provides national recognition for all the parks managers, staff and volunteers who, through their dedication and hard work, have helped to create these fantastic places for everyone to enjoy. Quality green spaces are a vital resource for communities and that is why it is so significant that we have given out more awards than ever before.”
Please join us for a ceremony to raise our Green Flag in Surrey Square Park on Friday 12th September  at 11am.
Best wishes,
Ewan O’Neill
Friends of Surrey Square Park
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21 June 2014 Annual General Meeting

On Saturday 21 June 2014 we held a successful AGM

The venue was maybe small for the number of participants but we managed to squeeze in.
We had much to report from a year of changes and many challenges, the administration of what was left of the “open space works” from the previous years, the very demanding WildLife Area Cleaner, Greener, Saver award delivery and the Green Flag award entry, just to mentions the main ones.
Still we were happy to take on the burden because we know that to do something good one has to start on one’s doorstep!!
A new Committee has been elected and we want specially thanks Daniel that has been FoSSP chair for several , significant years and Frank that has had to leave late last year.

Julian was elected chair and Ewan takes its place as secretary.

Thanks to anyone for their efforts and persistence.

Full minute can be obtained on request.


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Green Flag Award Bid

Our little park has been honoured with being selected as one of the London parks to have bid for a Green Flag award. The Friends of Surrey Square Park have been working closely with the Southwark Park Authority to further improve our green oases (bins have been added, new plants added and general landscaping and gardening accomplished).
Soon the judges will be coming to inspect our works and we are honoured that we have been taken into consideration for this prestigious award.

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WildLife Area Cleaner, Greener, Safer Works Completed

After much delay and heartache the works resulted from FoSSP winning last year  Cleaner, Greener, Safer award have been completed.
This in the sense that the award has been spent and the schedule for the wind-down of the various activities connected to it completed.
It has been a wild rollercoaster for all of us and the works have been the subject of much controversy.

The works have been resulted however in the  further integration of the WildLife Area to the rest of Surrey Square Park and has brought together the participation of many local volunteers.

Thanks to anyone that has collaborated, helped and shown they care for our little park.

Some pages on the project will be published soon.

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WildLife Area Landscaping Works in Progress

The Cleaner, Greener, Safer Award financed works on the WildLife Area of our Park have began in November. The original proposals can be found here but in the course of the planning of the work some aspects have been transmogrified to an extent it could be skirting controversy, and we as the friends of Surrey Square Park have certainly  a challenge in our hand.

Serge has been delegated to be the point of contact and FoSSP representative for this works (his website dealing with the works- obviously work in progress- can be found here). Fortunately FoSSP has a solid experience in large (for the size of our Park) project execution and management and this will help in making sure that the project delivery and  management will be to accountable and that the Award will be used thrifty and efficiently.

We also are in the process of delivering some supplementary leaflets to the residents explaining what is happening.

A copy can be seen below:


You will have noticed there has been major landscaping and clearance of vegetation recently.

We want to reassure you that the works are designed to increase the diversity of flowers, plants, bird and wildlife. In time the area will bloom and grow again.

The works (see drawing below) include:

  • a rain garden (marsh area) to encourage more flowers, plants, butterflies and birds
  • a new path and seating
  • wooden fencing along Albridge Street
  • a colourful wild-flower lawn
  • compost bins
  • reshaping to improve public access

Work is expected to be completed by Spring 2014.

The works are funded and managed by Southwark Council’s Cleaner Greener Safer programme www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200256/cleaner_greener_safer and are being carried out by TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) www.tcv.org.uk

More information:

  • call 07572 028226
  • email surreysquarepark@googlemail.com
  • see fossp.wordpress.com   

WLA CGSafer work dec 2013 page 2

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Important October Meeting for the Friends

On the 5 October 2013 we had an important meeting at the beautiful setting of the  Pembroke House thanks, as usual, to Daniel.
I am always happy to go over-there, the quiet, the odour of sanctity (well…something of sort, anyway), I found, are very conductive to thinking and problem solving.
It was an important occasion because of the projects we have on the stove.
The residual funds from the Community Space  program and above all for the Cleaner, Greener, Safer Award that will transform the Wild Life Area section of our beloved park.
A succinct version of the minutes can be found at Serge Website and the full version can be requested writing to us.

Importantly we have continued to have informal meetings at several times, in addition to meeting with Council Officials  contractors, sub-contractors, etc, as we found out from previous works experience, that comparing and discussing problems as they manifest themselves, is the best way to tackle and resolve them.

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