Fete for the inauguration of Playground next to the Park


The 4th of July FoSSP together with the Kinglake Tenants & Residents Association have held a Fete marking the inauguration of a refurbished playground next to the WildLife Area of the Surrey Square Park.

The event was attended by Councillor Martin Seaton and representants from the Council and Resident Involvement for the Aylesbury Estate Regeneration.
As expected many local residents and children attended the event, that was well liked and everybody seemed to have a good time.

FoSSP had prepared the previous day the grounds and provided plants for a planting session, where the children and their parent could participate and learn something of the work the friends of surrey square park are involved with.

FoSSP had also a new Gazebo we will hope will be using often during the year.

More Illustration of the event are available (courtesy of Daniel) here.

Thanks to all that have made the event possible.

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