WildLife Area Landscaping Works in Progress

The Cleaner, Greener, Safer Award financed works on the WildLife Area of our Park have began in November. The original proposals can be found here but in the course of the planning of the work some aspects have been transmogrified to an extent it could be skirting controversy, and we as the friends of Surrey Square Park have certainly  a challenge in our hand.

Serge has been delegated to be the point of contact and FoSSP representative for this works (his website dealing with the works- obviously work in progress- can be found here). Fortunately FoSSP has a solid experience in large (for the size of our Park) project execution and management and this will help in making sure that the project delivery and  management will be to accountable and that the Award will be used thrifty and efficiently.

We also are in the process of delivering some supplementary leaflets to the residents explaining what is happening.

A copy can be seen below:


You will have noticed there has been major landscaping and clearance of vegetation recently.

We want to reassure you that the works are designed to increase the diversity of flowers, plants, bird and wildlife. In time the area will bloom and grow again.

The works (see drawing below) include:

  • a rain garden (marsh area) to encourage more flowers, plants, butterflies and birds
  • a new path and seating
  • wooden fencing along Albridge Street
  • a colourful wild-flower lawn
  • compost bins
  • reshaping to improve public access

Work is expected to be completed by Spring 2014.

The works are funded and managed by Southwark Council’s Cleaner Greener Safer programme www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200256/cleaner_greener_safer and are being carried out by TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) www.tcv.org.uk

More information:

  • call 07572 028226
  • email surreysquarepark@googlemail.com
  • see fossp.wordpress.com   

WLA CGSafer work dec 2013 page 2

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