Important October Meeting for the Friends

On the 5 October 2013 we had an important meeting at the beautiful setting of the  Pembroke House thanks, as usual, to Daniel.
I am always happy to go over-there, the quiet, the odour of sanctity (well…something of sort, anyway), I found, are very conductive to thinking and problem solving.
It was an important occasion because of the projects we have on the stove.
The residual funds from the Community Space  program and above all for the Cleaner, Greener, Safer Award that will transform the Wild Life Area section of our beloved park.
A succinct version of the minutes can be found at Serge Website and the full version can be requested writing to us.

Importantly we have continued to have informal meetings at several times, in addition to meeting with Council Officials  contractors, sub-contractors, etc, as we found out from previous works experience, that comparing and discussing problems as they manifest themselves, is the best way to tackle and resolve them.

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